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Continue to be of great service to your career and our communities.

The desire and ability to do good work and better the lives of others. Leadership, pride, accountability and decisiveness. It’s everything you’ve exhibited in your military service and what we want you to bring to us every day here at Eversource.

Eversource has a long and rich history that brings with it an understanding and appreciative culture for the brave men and women who serve our country. As our industry continues to grow and expand, so does the need for advanced technical skills. That’s why we actively seek out military veterans who can make an important contribution to our organization, as well as the communities we serve, by providing more clean, affordable and innovative energy solutions on their behalf.

Meet Paige

Meet Paige Sullivan, our Electric Field Operations Supervisor and Air National Guard Tech Sergeant. Her job with the military is keeping jets flying safely. She’s served during a NATO mission as crew chief for the F-15 fighter jets. Paige believes “you can be good on your own…but without a team…you’ll never be great.” That’s the approach she brings to working with her colleagues at Eversource.

Named a Top 50 Company for Veteran Friendliness

Military Times EDGE surveyed Fortune 1,000 companies and top government contractors and rated their vet-friendliness in three areas: recruiting, corporate culture and reserve policies.

Eversource was named one of the 50 companies selected because of our commitment to make veterans a priority—not just with slogans and statements of support, but with programs, policies and a positive track record of hiring veterans.

“The more than 830 veterans on our Eversource team bring experience, skills and a strong commitment to service that greatly benefits our customers and communities. It’s an honor to be there for our veterans who have given so much in service of our country.” – Paul Chodak, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Meet Tim

Field Communications Manager and U.S. Coast Guard vet Tim Travis attributes his readiness to help restore power and make our communities safe during severe storms to his experience supporting rescue missions at sea. "There are tons of parallels between working with Coast Guard and at Eversource. I was immediately able to put those skills—from leadership, to technical—to good use.

Every Day is Veterans Day Here at Eversource

That’s because we know that hiring a military veteran is one of the best decisions an organization can make. You’re team players, and you know how to lead and serve with passion and pride. From tours in Iraq and the Gulf War to active duty during the Vietnam War, more than 600 of our employees have proudly served our country. Leadership, discipline, integrity and teamwork are exactly the qualities we look for to fill our positions. We welcome you to apply for a career at Eversource and put your hard-earned military skills and experience to work.

Meet Luke

Before Luke Bowley became a Field Safety Manager at Eversource, he was a security guard in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he protected US embassies and diplomatic missions abroad. Being a Marine taught Luke decision-making and teamwork, and he’s proud to work on a team that values his expertise.

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