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Meet the Employees powering New England with New Ideas and Great Attitudes.

At Eversource, you’ll find an entire organization rising to the challenge. Diverse, empowered employees who are visible partners and leaders in support of our communities, strong stewards of the environment and dedicated customer service champions. Employees who put their heart and soul into their job, who aren’t afraid to innovate and lead the way and who safely and efficiently deliver clean energy to the region.

Corporate Relations

Melissa, Community Relations Specialist

"I love that my job keeps me on the go and no day is ever the same. Every day I get to work closely with municipal leaders and make sure their needs are being met – leveraging those relationships to work towards a better tomorrow for every community we serve."

Nicole, Community Relations Manager

Meet Nicole - mom, community volunteer, and one of our Community Relations Managers. On any given day you can find Nicole providing reliability project updates to community leaders and town officials, connecting with local residents and business owners at an open house, or sharing her experience working at Eversource with students at a college career fair. "I’m glad to help the communities we serve,” said Nicole. "It’s empowering to be part of a team that’s working on projects to improve reliability for our customers while modernizing the grid.

Chad, Customer Experience Analyst

"The views of our customers play an enormous role in decisions made at Eversource,” says Chad, Customer Experience Analyst on the Voice of the Customer team. "I take a great deal of pride in my job to make sure customer sentiments are front and center for our leadership on a constant basis, through our survey research and our Eversource Online Community."

Jaclyn, Customer Group

Every day, Jaclyn proves her talent and commitment by serving on our front lines with kindness and compassion, reassuring customers who are experiencing outages and helping to gather vital information for our crews in the field. Though Jaclyn humbly says she believes her entire team goes the extra mile to assist customers, she admits, "It’s rewarding to bring a sense of understanding to customers and help them solve their problems. I recently helped an elderly man who had questions about his account for over 45 minutes. He was so thankful for my patience, and for explaining everything in a way he could understand, that he called me his angel.”

Tim, Customer Group

Tim doesn’t let blindness interfere with success. He should know; he’s one of the top customer service representatives at Eversource. He credits that success with a belief in hard work, perseverance, and the training he received from the Carroll Center. Tim is a Sr. Customer Service Representative. He has been with Eversource serving our customers since 2008. He learned JAWS, "Job Access With Speech” at the Carroll Center. JAWS is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen with a text-to- speech output. "Technology has made so many things accessible and attainable for people who are blind

An avid braille enthusiast, Tim won the Braille Challenge twice at The Carroll Center, and went on to compete in two national challenges. "I believe thoroughly in the importance of knowing braille,” he said. "As a matter of fact, I use braille daily in my job. Sometimes we are required to use specific scripts when responding to customers’ concerns. I keep mine in braille in a 3-ring-binder on my desk along with notes from meetings. I have a PAC Mate with a braille display that I use to take notes in meetings. I can refer back to my notes in braille.”

Tim was promoted in 2017 and provides one-on-one guidance to representatives and handles escalated phone calls. Tim was recently awarded the 2017 Employee of the Year by Work Without Limits. Please view this video to learn more about his accomplishments.

Candaliza, Contact Center Representative

"Many of our customers are spending more time at home, and we understand they are increasingly reliant on their power to be able to function and work remotely”, says Candaliza, Contact Center Representative in Manchester. “For the past year, I have been able to assist customers during snowstorms, damaging outages and with everyday questions about their bills from my home office. The true benefit is that I can be available to field these calls within a moment’s notice, at all hours of the night during emergencies if needed, knowing that my only commute is to the other room."

Brian, Business Customer Service Representative

I am a big advocate for educating customers whenever possible. I talk about programs, payment plans and other services that may be available to them so they can feel empowered to make an informed decision to help lower their costs,” said Brian, a member of our business customer care team.

Jasmine, Customer Service Representative

As a member of our customer care team, Jasmine takes pride in connecting with people over the phone and being able to assist our Spanish-speaking customers. “Being a bilingual representative never gets old, especially when you hear their excitement to have someone who speaks Spanish on the line, ready to help,” she said.

David, Customer Commitment, Mayor’s Office

I love my job because every day there is a chance to interact with someone who needs my help.

In a short period of time I have the opportunity to make a significant positive difference that can potentially shape someone’s life, influence their behavior, or solve a problem. I do this all while perhaps being the only person they get to talk to that day in the process. It’s a responsibility that I take pride in.

I adopted the catchphrase “How can I help?” from a TV show called New Amsterdam. It sums up my approach to my work. I feel accomplished in knowing how appreciative the customer is. I have a fun job and I am surrounded by great coworkers. I just hope that what I do can motivate and compel others around me to be the best person that they can be.

Dan, Energy Efficiency Consultant

Dan’s main focus at Eversource is working with our large Commercial and Industrial customer base to save energy through projects such as lighting retrofits, Variable Speed Drives (VSD), and HVAC Control Measures. According to Dan, “we are thought of as a valuable resource by our customers thinking of engaging in any energy efficiency projects."

Away from work, Dan is an equally focused and dedicated runner—always pushing himself through tough training runs, hoping to beat his best marathon and half-marathon race times. “Juggling work, family and an intense training program is definitely challenging,” he says, “but the feeling you have when you cross the finish line is incredible."

Margaux, Energy Efficiency Consultant

"Helping the environment is important to me, and I think the best place to start is your own home. I love getting to work with customers to identify all the ways they can lower their energy usage and environmental impact."

Rob, Environmental Coordinator

Rob’s commitment to the environment extends beyond his role as one of our Environmental Coordinators. Rob is also a leader of our employee Green Team and organizes quarterly recycling initiatives. “My passion for caring for the environment really began when I became a father. I care about my kids future and the world they’ll live in."

Amy, Supervisor, Customer Engagement Strategy

What do running and energy savings have in common? They’re both passions of Amy, a Customer Engagement Strategy Supervisor in our Energy Efficiency Department. Amy works to create unique and engaging ways to help our customers save money and energy. Check out this recent blog post to find out why she’s one of our rising stars!


Ruth, Supervisor, Energy Efficiency

Caring about the earth requires that we pay close attention to the health of our local communities, and this includes engaging in climate action,” said Ruth, a supervisor on our Energy Efficiency team. Ruth is playing a key role in advancing equity for our communities and customers in her critical work removing barriers to participating in our energy efficiency programs to help ensure equal access to clean energy solutions. Additionally, she's a leader on our Pro-Equity Advisory Team focused on creating structure and policy around equity at Eversource. “The Energy Efficiency workforce is on the bank of a transformation, and Eversource is a key leader in increasing inclusion for the next generation to come,” she added.

Justin, Project Manager in Business Development

Since starting with the company as an engineer fresh out of WPI, Justin has had many exciting opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways on numerous company projects and initiatives. According to Justin, “Eversource is a fantastic place to work because it’s easy to find mentors and managers that have open-door policies and are willing to actively teach employees.”

From managing a $150 million renewable energy portfolio to closely working with governmental agencies on public policy initiatives such as solar development, Justin’s career has already offered him the ability to grow as an employee and gain a deep understanding of the energy industry. “The energy industry is constantly changing,” says Justin, “and I’m proud to be with Eversource because we are acting as a leader by embracing the move to the new clean energy economy that is customer—and technology-focused.” Today, Justin is leading part of the Northern Pass Transmission project, a 1,090 MW transmission line that will bring renewable energy from Canada into New England. He is also actively involved with offshore wind, battery storage and electric vehicle projects.

Kara, Manager of Financial Planning & Budgets

"I joined Eversource 11 years ago as an intern in the Accounting division and then full time after graduating from Roger Williams University with a degree in Accounting. It was an easy decision to work here because I felt the culture was a perfect fit for me. Eversource puts its customers and employees first and I find there is a great work life balance here.
In my current role as Manager of Financial Planning & Budgets, I support multiple organizations to help them achieve their business objectives, strategic initiatives, and remain on track with their budget goals. While doing so, I learn a lot about different organizations and get to work with a diverse group of individuals. There is so much to learn about Eversource and the Utility industry and I continue to be challenged and learn something new every day."

Manius, Staff Accountant

"I joined Eversource in the hopes to grow and become more than what’s expected. To challenge myself in an environment, work family oriented, and most importantly an accounting method that took me out of my comfort zone. To grow, better yet define who I will be, and this has streamed my ambition to explore and introduce my skillsets to become an asset to the company. I am me, I am different in all aspects, I will continue to learn and grow. Most importantly I will push for change, more modern development to catchup to the forever changing era. I am Manius, l Staff Accountant in Plant Accounting and a Co-Lead to the Multicultural BRG, my head held high with respect to everyone."

Leon, Director, IT Business Solutions

“Eversource is a great place to work for anyone who thrives on a challenge and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment. Throughout the course of my career, I have been exposed to many different areas of the business and worked collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds, skill sets and levels of experience to drive change and enhance business processes throughout the company.
I started my career as an application developer and over the years I have worked in various different leadership roles within IT. The thing I like most about Eversource is the culture of continuous improvement through innovative change. I also like the fact that Eversource takes a vested interest in its employees; and has provided opportunities that have allowed me to enhance my career and further my personal development.”

Mark, IT Manager

I came to Eversource looking for a challenging environment that would allow me to make an impact to both the company and the community. The diverse culture and collaborative mindset propel us in directions that other companies simply cannot go. The company’s focus on community and giving back allows us to stay connected to those we serve. This rare combination makes every day more fun than the last.

Rekha and her daughters

Rekha, IT Lead Developer

Rekha ran the Hartford Marathon virtual half marathon, and her daughters joined her for the 5K and 10K races. "Keeping my family fit and eating healthy is really important. I try to introduce fun activities to keep my girls and I motivated, and the marathon is perfect for that."

Meet Liz, Lead Engineer

Liz is exploring new technologies that help us better serve our customers. “It’s been an exciting challenge to launch our drone program. I get to be more hands on & spend time in the field helping our teams utilize drones in a way that improves response times while also reducing costs and carbon emissions

Holly, Electrical System Engineer

Holly turned her degree in Mechanical Industrial Engineering into a career as an Engineer at Eversource. She also has a unique advantage of having spent time in the field as an on-call supervisor working on the electrical system alongside the same crews she now guides from the dispatch center. According to her colleagues, “Holly is an excellent dispatcher—cool under pressure and ready to make critical decisions affecting the safety of the crews and reliability of the electrical system, while making sure power is restored quickly and safely to our customers."

Everett, Associate Engineer

Everett is part of our team of engineers collaborating to solve for the future energy needs of New England. "I’ve always loved problem solving and have been interested in the evolution in the power industry. Working at Eversource has given me the chance to make a positive contribution to how the electric grid will operate in the future."

Ling, Senior Engineer

After studying Power Systems at Northeastern University, Ling knew she was ready for a career in energy industry. From transmission line projects to battery storage, Ling is part of a team of innovative engineers who are looking ahead and constantly thinking about our future energy needs. “When I drive through Boston and see all the lights, I’m reminded of the importance of the work we all do,” shared Ling. “Our work can be challenging, but being a part of a great team makes it that much more rewarding.

Matt, Lineworker

Matt says he always wanted to be a Lineworker. He gets to be outside, meet new people, work at various sites and solve different challenges every day. According to Matt, the best part of his job is that every day is different. “I can work on a variety of things from service, line extension or do underground work.” Yet, whatever the task, he says safety is always top of mind here at Eversource and he likes that he can utilize what he learns on the job and apply it to his home. Matt’s advice to new Lineworkers is “pay attention, be careful, and embrace the lifestyle because the rewards are worth it!” Matt also says he enjoys the camaraderie that exists among coworkers at Eversource. “My team is not only a great group to work with, we also enjoy time together outside of work, whether it’s playing in pick-up hockey games or getting together for golf tournaments."

Brendan, Distribution Technician in the Gas Division

Brendan has worked in our growing Gas division for almost three years and says he really likes the flexibility and variety of working for Eversource. He started as a Distribution Support Technician, then became a Maintenance Technician in Gas Supply, and now he’s a Distribution Technician. “The awesome part about my job is that you have so many different options and avenues you can pursue,” he says. “You're not just tied to one type of work. I can be repairing a main leak one minute, then installing a new gas service to someone’s home or tapping elevated pressure gas mains the next.” Brendan says he also enjoys the benefits, job security and especially the people here at Eversource. “The people are pretty awesome—there’s an eclectic mix on the team and we all get along inside and outside of work."

Andre, Underground Lineworker

Climbing into a manhole is second nature for Andre, who has been a cable splicer for 27 years and working for us for nine years. Cable splicing is joining two electric cables together that involves cutting the cable, stripping the wire, and then reattaching it again. Andre spends his days either upgrading, repairing, or installing new underground equipment for business and residential customers.

Jaskaran, Distribution Design Engineer

Are you interested in pursuing a career in engineering, but unsure where to start? Jaskaran Singh, a distribution design engineer here at Eversource and 2016 @Naugatuck Valley Community College grad, suggests enrolling in the school's Electronic Engineering Technology program. “There are so many fields to choose from because the first two years of engineering are similar across the board. NVCC is the ideal place to complete your prerequisites before continuing to the university or college of your choice. It also prepares you to go right into the workforce.

Learn more about the EET program

Emily, Procurement Category Lead

Emily, a Procurement Category Lead, recently graduated from the Greater Manchester Chamber’s “Leadership Greater Manchester” program. This rigorous 9-month program is designed to recognize and nurture existing leadership talents from diverse sectors of the surrounding areas and expose them to the challenges, opportunities, and current issues affecting the greater Manchester community. This is one of many career development opportunities employees at Eversource have available to them.

Austin, Former Intern, now Associate Engineer

My internship at Eversource in the Grid Modernization department was nothing short of amazing. My thoughts, opinions, and ideas were always valued and then some. My work was always meaningful and challenging enough to keep me interested and eager to learn more about the Electric Utility. As an engineer you never stop learning, and working along side all people of many different backgrounds and knowledge makes being a part of this company just that much better! Because of my experience, I joined Eversource as an Associate Engineer after Graduation.

Lian, Intern

Lian interned in our Media Relations department and produced content for our social media channels! Lian is from Wellesley College in MA and is majors in psychology with a minor in African Studies. "I love the fast paced, dynamic environment at Eversource. It keeps me intrigued and on my toes,” said Lian. “The team is incredible. Just these few weeks have been full of memorable moments with my colleagues. I’ve learned the tools of crafting meaningful connections and how to foster those relationships."

Fara, Associate Energy Efficiency Consultant

I am an Energy Efficiency Consultant for Eversource Energy. I joined the company as a Coop/Intern while in graduate school, working out of the Berlin, CT office. After graduating, I was hired full time to join the Energy Efficiency Gas team in Westwood, MA. Eversource has a goal to be carbon neutral by 2030 and energy efficiency plays a major role in achieving this. I am very passionate about Energy Efficiency because it helps in reducing our customers carbon footprint which in turn helps to protect the environment. My role is like that of a project manager. I manage the process from sourcing for opportunities to save energy up until final installation of these energy efficiency measures. A lot of these measures are also incentivized through the offerings from the states we operate in, so our customers don’t have to cover the entire cost. It is a very fulfilling job because I get to see in real time carbon emission reduction while also helping our customers save money.

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