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Meet the Employees powering New England with New Ideas and Great Attitudes.

At Eversource, you’ll find an entire organization rising to the challenge. Diverse, empowered employees who are visible partners and leaders in support of our communities, strong stewards of the environment and dedicated customer service champions. Employees who put their heart and soul into their job, who aren’t afraid to innovate and lead the way and who safely and efficiently deliver clean energy to the region.

Holly–Electrical System Engineer

Holly turned her degree in Mechanical Industrial Engineering into a career as an Engineer at Eversource. She also has a unique advantage of having spent time in the field as an on-call supervisor working on the electrical system alongside the same crews she now guides from the dispatch center. According to her colleagues, “Holly is an excellent dispatcher—cool under pressure and ready to make critical decisions affecting the safety of the crews and reliability of the electrical system, while making sure power is restored quickly and safely to our customers.”