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Meet the Employees powering New England with New Ideas and Great Attitudes.

At Eversource, you’ll find an entire organization rising to the challenge. Diverse, empowered employees who are visible partners and leaders in support of our communities, strong stewards of the environment and dedicated customer service champions. Employees who put their heart and soul into their job, who aren’t afraid to innovate and lead the way and who safely and efficiently deliver clean energy to the region.

Chasity–Customer Service

Chasity has worked in the customer service field for 11 years —her entire career. While at Eversource, she has served on the front lines with kindness and compassion, reassuring customers experiencing outages and helping to gather vital information for crews in the field. Eversource employees like Chasity are the first voice our customers hear when they call for help. Through quick thinking and a deep knowledge of the business, our customer service representatives help resolve problems and empower customers with ways to reduce energy costs through energy efficiency.

“The best part of my job is helping people when they call,” says Chasity. “The hardest part is during storms and an elderly person calls because they’re out of power. I just want to turn it back on for them right away. I can’t do that, but I can explain how the process of restoring power works, which really helps them understand and lets them know they haven’t been forgotten.”