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Meet the Employees powering New England with New Ideas and Great Attitudes.

At Eversource, you’ll find an entire organization rising to the challenge. Diverse, empowered employees who are visible partners and leaders in support of our communities, strong stewards of the environment and dedicated customer service champions. Employees who put their heart and soul into their job, who aren’t afraid to innovate and lead the way and who safely and efficiently deliver clean energy to the region.

Tim–Customer Group

Tim doesn’t let blindness interfere with success. He should know; he’s one of the top customer service representatives at Eversource. He credits that success with a belief in hard work, perseverance, and the training he received from the Carroll Center. Tim is a Sr. Customer Service Representative. He has been with Eversource serving our customers since 2008. He learned JAWS, “Job Access With Speech” at the Carroll Center. JAWS is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen with a text-to- speech output. “Technology has made so many things accessible and attainable for people who are blind

An avid braille enthusiast, Tim won the Braille Challenge twice at The Carroll Center, and went on to compete in two national challenges. “I believe thoroughly in the importance of knowing braille,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I use braille daily in my job. Sometimes we are required to use specific scripts when responding to customers’ concerns. I keep mine in braille in a 3-ring-binder on my desk along with notes from meetings. I have a PAC Mate with a braille display that I use to take notes in meetings. I can refer back to my notes in braille.”

Tim was promoted in 2017 and provides one-on-one guidance to representatives and handles escalated phone calls. Tim was recently awarded the 2017 Employee of the Year by Work Without Limits. Please view this video to learn more about his accomplishments.